Getting Started

Door wraps are simple to install yourself, but I always suggest using a professional Wallpaper Installer.

** This product works best on flat doors; they can be applied on panelled doors, but I would strongly suggest discussing with a professional wallpaper Installer beforehand as it can get tricky with embossing or mouldings.

Gather the tools you will need: a wallpaper smoother and sharp blade (box cutter or exacto knife). You can get these at any home hardware type store for a few dollars.

Surface Preparation

Before applying, it’s important to ensure the surface is clean and dry.

Clean the surface using a warm damp cloth and allow it to dry completely. It is important to make sure all previous cleaning products are no longer present on the door.

The door should be primed or painted and if paint is fresh, its best to wait 5-7 days for it to fully cure before applying door wrap.

If there is signage on the door that can be removed, now is the time. If not, you will have to carefully cut around windows, signs, handles as you install.

Hanging Your Door Wrap

Start at the top of the image and pull backing down approx. 4-6” and crease the backing.

Apply the exposed adhesive to the top of the door slowly to avoid air bubbles. Air bubbles will almost always happen and can be easily removed using the smoother or by making a tiny pin-prick in the air bubble with the blade and then smoothing.

Once the beginning segment is level and in the proper position, continue pulling downward and applying in 6” increments.

It’s helpful to have another person pull and crease the backing while another person slowly works on adhering the image. If air bubbles appear you can peel back the area (slowly at a 180 degree angle to minimize tension) and gently re-apply, but do this as you apply in sections– don’t apply the entire image, then start peeling it back to remove bubbles. Paint can be lifted if you peel back too often. This is when the blade is helpful in popping stubborn bubbles.

Use the blade to cut around signs and handles as you apply, if you make a mistake, you can usually fix bad cuts by piecing together (again this is where a professional installer is best for complicated doors!)


Door wraps can be wiped with warm soapy water. Clean only when necessary and don’t use excessive water. Do not rub too hard.


Once the material has been applied to a door or wall, the product is deemed accepted and cannot be claimed as defective due to variations in mounting, handling, previous surface cleaners and local environment (humidity, heat, or mold). Once you decide to cover the door or wall, we cannot be held liable for the altercations to the door or wall that are encountered when prepping or applying the product.

It is extremely rare that anything unusual should happen, and we are here to advise if there is anything you need to discuss after installation.

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