Why are door wraps so beneficial?

Drastically increases resident safety


Creates a strong support tool for staff

Builds family confidence and peace of mind in your facility

As residents venture out and leave the comfort and familiarity of their rooms, they can become quickly disoriented in corridors and common areas when they don’t recognize their surroundings. Causing agitation and upset, often they quickly decide they want to leave, and find their way “home”.

Exit seeking is a challenging behaviour for residents and care givers – there is always high concern for safety and welfare of tenants.

Door wraps help to discourage elopement and minimize the risk of someone heading out a door and leaving the premises unnoticed. It’s difficult to predict when these behaviours will happen – camouflage on doors significantly helps this !

Disguising doors has many benefits – stops trespassing into unsafe areas (elevators, laundry, kitchen, stairwells), stops residents from leaving unattended, possibly becoming lost or harmed, and will provide peace of mind for family members knowing that their loved ones are in a safe community as well as minimizing risk and liability for your business.

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