Exit seeking is always a major safety concern. Since I could not find the proper products needed, I made them myself. The success of such a simple addition is amazing! Exit seeking and elopement is reduced to almost none!

My door wrap designs are chosen to cover a wide variety of interests and lifestyles. Keeping content neutral (for example – water scenes are kept to a minimum as they can trigger a “pee response” which we’d like to avoid!) using familiar images to stimulate memories and conversations

I’m happy to share this product with you and wish you success in creating a better atmosphere for your residents and their families!

As a Body is the Temple of our Soul;


A Home is the Temple of our Body.

Hello, I’m Bonnie!

I’m a Designer, specializing in Fit, Finish and Equipment for Dementia and Seniors Residences.

This means I spec all finishing products going into the building, including furnishings. This also mean I have the luxury of seeing residents interact with the environment I have put together, so I can monitor the results and reactions to what I have created.

I’ve been SO fortunate to be involved with the first Canadian purpose-built residence that follows the Butterfly Project (Dementia Care Matters) using the European Model of Person Centered Care.     

My 90 year old Grandmother lives with me; she is happy to be my test pilot!

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